Hello Beautiful People

An older man I know says this to everyone he meets. The fact that he looks a little like Santa is an added bonus.

I’ve been wanting to reach out to you for a long time. Life has been kinda messy the past few years, but I’m ready to share now. I’m needing to share now, my heart, my mind… all of it is pushing me forward.

Ever since I was little I had this knowing that we are all connected. Each one of us, part of something unseen. But when you slow down, listen and let go, you can feel.

I’m not the only one that feels this way and honestly science has proven this interconnectivity. WE ARE PART OF A WHOLE. We need to start acting that way or we will pay for it (or our children will) in a very LARGE way.

Think of Imaginal Cells, those parts of a butterfly that activate just when the caterpillar is almost primordial mush. These cells light up and pull forth a whole new being, transformation. This is what, I believe, is happening now on a global scale. The more people wake up to this, the faster we can pull through the muck of the mess that is happening in the world.

This page will be an outlet and a dispersion of ideas and groups that are working in their own way to help build a better world. Truly. On the ground, not airy-fairy. We have to pull ourselves and each other through this.

Peace Building is a real, tangible process. This page, the corresponding social media pages will highlight many of the good work and ideas that are out there, plus my own journey through anxiety to peacefulness and awareness.

Peace and Love, Julia

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