Peace and Love Amplifiers Podcast: Episode 2 Peace Intentionality

How do you apply peace in your life? 

However peace shows up in your life, we can all agree that it isn’t a static state. Being peaceful does not mean always being calm, never getting angry, or immune to getting upset. While we aren’t always in a calm state of peace, we can determine where our words are flowing from. Do they come from a place of love, anger, judgment, or peace? You can intentionally choose to come from a place of peace. 

The intentionality to create peace is what will bring more harmony into your life and the people around you. Listen in to learn how to be intentionally peaceful in your life today! 

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • Being a peaceful person is not a static state (1:50)
  • Peace is not a weakness (3:55)
  • Peace is not about covering up your wounds (5:10)
  • About the state of acting ‘as if’ (6:11)
  • The importance of recognizing where you emotionally reside (11:48)
  • What ‘feeding the field’ means (13:07)
  • My two calls to action for listeners (15:55)

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