Peace and Love Amplifiers Podcast: Episode 1 My Journey with Peace

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Welcome to Peace and Love Amplifiers! I am your host, Julia Gandy Torres, and my mission with this podcast is to help amplify love and peace and shift society.

Stress and anxiety have been the side effects of 2020, we can all agree on that. I want to create a space for listeners to learn how to amplify and expand peace in their busy lives while navigating through the stress that the uncertainty of this year brings.

From being an extremely tense child to now an ordained Peace Minister, my journey with peace has been a rollercoaster. In this episode, I dive into my journey with peace, how I rely on my practice within my own life, and the mission of this podcast.

Listen in and start amplifying peace and love within your life today!

In <a href="http://<iframe src="; frameBorder="0" width="100%" height="110px" allow="autoplay">This Episode You Will Learn

  • Who I am and my background (2:40)
  • My role as the ‘Peace Builder’ in my family (6:12)
  • My journey to working in wellness (7:48)
  • How I became a Peace Minister (11:26)
  • How I build peace within myself (14:32)
  • How my cancer diagnosis rebuilt my peace practice (15:32)
  • The mission of Peace and Love Amplifiers (18:15)
  • The process of the imaginal cells (20:36)

Song credit: The Children of God by James Twyman and Jim Wilson (Ecclesia)

Bruce Lipton: YouTube video about Imaginal Cells  

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