Like mother, like daughter –  at least that’s what my goal is. My mother has been my biggest influence on what it looks like to lead with peace and love in all areas of life, and she joins me today as my first guest on Peace and Love Amplifiers! 

Women empowerment has been passed down throughout generations in our family, and my mother Julia Gandy, has stuck to that tradition. In today’s episode, my mother and I dive deep into the other powerful females in our family, my mother’s involvement in community politics, and the importance of having faith in our political leaders. 

Listen in to learn how to provide peace and love in all areas, even in politics. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

In This Episode You Will Learn: Listen Here

  • The empowerment that has been passed down through the women in our family (5:20)
  • How my mother became involved in politics (8:00)
  • About my mother’s experience on the environmental commission in our local town (13:46)
  • What changed during my mother’s second term on the committee (18:38)
  • The impact of local politics (20:00)
  • Why we need to vote for someone we have faith in (21:39)
  • The importance of getting involved in local politics (25:44)
  • My call to action for listeners (30:00)

Let’s Connect!

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 © The Song you hear belongs to James Twyman and Jim Wilson and is entitled “The Children of God” 

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