Peace and Love Amplifiers ~ Episode 14

A few days have passed since the inauguration and I am still moved by the inaugural address that President Joe Biden gave. This is a new era for America, to move beyond the hate, violence, and division that was promoted during the past four years. 

In today’s episode, I talk about the inaugural address from newly elected President Joe Biden. With the violent and terrifying start to 2021with the riot at the Capitol and the second impeachment of President Trump, the two weeks before President Joe Biden’s inauguration seemed to take forever – but he is finally our new President of the United States. Throughout the episode, I dive into the inspiring and hopeful message that President Joe Biden shared during his inaugural address and how we can each help to make it come true. 

So, tune in to learn how to let go of fear and be a peacebuilder for this new era of America and apply my call to action in your own life. 

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • The impact of the first 3 Wednesday’s in 2021 (3:20)
  • What stood out to me in the inaugural address (5:00)
  • Why we are all valuable to spread peace and love (12:12)
  • My call to action for listeners (15:15)

Resources Mentioned 

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