Peace and Love Amplifiers ~ Podcast 16

How have you recognized racism among people of color? Speaking up for these communities that are being discriminated against is something we can all do more of. 

In today’s episode, I am joined by Kathy Vanden Boogaard and Deb Nedeau who work with the Great Lakes Peace Center. After realizing that indigenous people were being treated poorly among other people of color, Kathy and Deb recognized their privilege with the color of their skin and wanted to help support these communities. Together they started the Great Lakes Peace Center to help build peace and stand up for these minority communities. 

Tune in to Episode 16 of Peace and Love Amplifiers to hear about the mission behind the Great Lakes Peace Center, why it’s more important to make an effort towards change than be politically correct, and different ways you can support indigenous communities. 

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • About Kathy & Deb’s background and mission (2:06)
  • About personal peacebuilding (12:40)
  • That nobody is safe until everybody is safe (18:18)
  • How they are spreading awareness within their community (23:12)
  • How you can help in your community (25:40)

Connect with Kathy & Deb: 

Resources Mentioned 

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