Peace and Love Amplifiers Podcast

Grief comes in all shapes and forms, and having self-compassion to give yourself the time to grieve is so important for you to heal. 

In today’s episode, I am joined by Diana Curtis, a grief recovery specialist and owner of Coaching to the Heart. Her focus is to empower women to heal from grief after losing a loved one and help her clients find a path to inner peace and fulfillment. Diana created the Transcend Grief Now method to teach as many people as possible how to grieve with grace and self-compassion. 

Tune in to Episode 18 of Peace and Love Amplifiers to learn what led Diana to her mission to help others heal from grief, what grief is, the different ways grief can show up, and more! 

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • What led Diana to her mission (3:08)
  • The ways that grief can show up (13:15)
  • To live in love or fear (20:11)
  • How Diana heals herself (27:30)
  • About the course Diana developed (31:30)

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