Peace and Love Amplifiers Episode 19

Who is advocating for peace throughout your local community? You may not even know the people within your community that are helping to build and spread peace, but after this episode, you will appreciate their work more than ever. 

In today’s episode, I am joined by my friend, Dan Kahn. He is on the leadership council of the Peace Alliance and the National Field Coordinator, teaching empathy skills to teenagers in community programs in Tallahassee, FL as a case manager. Dan promotes the growth of restorative justice practices statewide as Executive Director of the Florida Restorative Justice Program and coaches peacebuilding advocates globally. Peacebuilding can be challenging to navigate but Dan’s career is a testament to the change it consistently brings. 

Tune in to Episode 19 of Peace and Love Amplifiers to learn about the mission of the Peace Alliance, what Dan’s role is within his community, and why peacebuilding can be difficult. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • What do you teach your teenagers? (11:51) 
  • Can you describe what exactly restorative justice is? (21:47)
  • If the world were perfect, what would it look like to you? (32:30)

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • What The Peace Alliance is (3:56)
  • How Dan handles triggers (9:40)
  • The cost/benefit analysis of peacebuilding (19:15)
  • That peacebuilding is dynamic (25:40)
  • How you can be involved in The Peace Alliance (35:17)

Resources Mentioned 

Connect with Dan

Let’s Connect!

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