Peace and Love Amplifiers Podcast Episode 24

How has your environment influenced your political views? It’s no secret that our country has been in an extreme political divide in recent years but we have to remember that each of our perspectives are valid. 

In today’s episode, I am joined by two incredible women, Karen Reiner and Ellen Laird, the co-chairs of the New Jersey Chapter of Braver Angels. This organization is near and dear to my heart, the work that they are doing is exactly what our country needs right now. Throughout this episode, Karen and Ellen explain the mission of Braver Angels, how the 2016 election impacted their lives, and the workshops that they offer. 

Tune in to Episode 24 of Peace and Love Amplifiers to learn about the New Jersey Chapter of Braver Angels and how they are on a mission to end the political divide in our country. 

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • The mission of Braver Angels (2:27)
  • How the 2016 election impacted Karen and Ellen (6:15)
  • The different workshops that Braver Angels offers (14:30)
  • How we express our core values in our political beliefs (19:15)
  • About Braver Angels’ goal (26:26)

Connect with Braver Angels 

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