Peace and Love Amplifiers Podcast Episode 25

How do you celebrate “Peace Day” on September 21st? If you find yourself in the Philadelphia area, check out the events that Peace Day Philly is putting on. 

In today’s episode, I am joined by Lisa Parker, the founder of Peace Day Philly. Peace Day Philly was founded in 2011 and promotes and collaborates on programming related to personal, local and/or global peace, on and around September 21st – the United Nations International Day of Peace. Lisa and her team work to accomplish their mission of empowering all people to collaboratively build a more peaceful and just world. 

Tune in to Episode 25 of Peace and Love Amplifiers to learn about Lisa’s journey to founding Peace Day Philly, what her role is within the organization, and how Lisa’s personal peace journey has evolved.

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • What brought Lisa to founding Peace Day Philly (3:05)
  • Lisa’s role within the organization (9:00)
  • About Lisa’s personal peace journey while building Peace Day Philly (14:40)
  • How Lisa’s son impacted her peace journey (20:02)
  • The future for Peace Day Philly (24:40)

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