Creating a culture of peace is a long and arduous road. 

Joining me today to discuss the incredible work she is doing in this arena is Anne Creter, a member on multiple boards surrounding peace and unity. Anne has worked as a UN Representative for many years now, having been a part of groups such as the Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructure for Peace, The Peace Alliance, and the Department of PeaceBuilding Committee. Through this work, she has advocated for a sustainable and genuine resolution for conflict within the US and around the world and has had a large political presence within her community.    

In this episode, we discuss what Anne’s work on the ‘UN Resolution’ consists of, what she has learned from observing governments outside of America, as well as the economic consequences that come with societal and political conflict.  

To hear more, tune in to Episode 5 of Peace and Love Amplifiers!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How does the work you do at The Peace Alliance link to the ‘UN Peace Resolution?’ (9:23)
  • What economic consequences have you seen arise from the societal and political conflicts in the US? (18:07)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Some background on Anne Creter and the work she’s done for The UN (2:47)
  • Anne’s breakdown of the ‘UN Resolution’ (6:55)
  • Anne’s experience working with the Global Alliance for Peace (11:07)
  • The history behind The Peace Alliance (12:29)
  • Why I’m such a huge proponent for self-love (15:54)
  • What rallying in conservative states taught me about the work we are involved in (24:38)
  • The spiritual events that have inspired me to speak up & When I started reaching out to my representatives (26:47)
  • Why the way we talk about peace matters  (31:37)
  • What people can do to build peace and become more politically involved in their communities (34:35)

Let’s Connect!

Connect With Anne Creter:


 © The Song you hear belongs to James Twyman and Jim Wilson and is entitled “The Children of God” 

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