There’s always a silver lining within every hardship, it just takes reframing your perspective.

Joining me today is Catherine Ewing, an amazing woman that I met 15 years ago when we experienced a life-changing spiritual retreat together. Catherine is a psychotherapist, a licensed clinical social worker, a certified energy psychology practitioner, a certified neurokinesis practitioner, just to name a few of her many titles. Within her work, Catherine works mostly with women to heal their emotional wounds from trauma, abuse, and many other challenges in order to reconnect with peace. 

In this episode, Catherine describes her journey of overcoming divine discontent, how trauma is held in the body, and how to take ownership of our emotions. 

To hear more, tune in to Episode 6 of Peace and Love Amplifiers!

Some Questions I Ask 

  • What makes you get up in the morning? (3:11)
  • How does that intergenerational transmission of wounds come into effect with the women you work with? (20:45)
  • What is it that people can do intentionally to amplify peace and love? (25:56)

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • Catherine’s journey to overcome her divine discontent (9:06)
  • How trauma impacts our body (17:13)
  • The importance of taking ownership of our emotions (31:33)
  • How taking action to personally heal contributes to global healing (35:52) 
  • Catherine’s call to action for listeners (40:33)


Connect with Catherine 

Let’s Connect!

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