In today’s episode of Peace and Love Amplifiers, I’m joined by Wellness Expert, Yoga Instructor, and personal colleague of mine, Kelly Andrews! Kelly has been a devoted advocate and public figure within the holistic health industry for over thirty years and has now shifted her efforts towards the practice of heart-centered living.  

We’ll be discussing a few of the techniques Kelly has applied in her own life through the work she’s carried out at HeartMath, why this year has felt like a personal touchstone for change, as well as the importance of regular grounding and mindfulness work. 

Tune in to Episode 8 to hear more!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Have you been working on anything throughout lockdown? (2:30)
  • How has using the HeartMath tools helped you this year? (7:39)
  • What does a perfect world look like in your eyes? (23:09)
  • What is the one thing you practice with your clients to help them move through a hard day? (31:43)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • A brief background on Subtle Yoga and its benefits (12:18)
  • What Dirk Terpstra’s ‘coherence hotspot’ refers to (14:24)
  • Why Kelly believes in awareness accompanied by action (17:57)
  • How approaching our emotions mindfully benefits our nervous system (25:43)
  • Information on Kelly’s upcoming program — Live and Lead with Heart (34:20)

Let’s Connect!

Connect With Kelly Andrews:


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