Peace and Love Amplifiers Podcast Episode 11

In today’s episode, I am joined by Emilio Roman, a celebrity spiritual fitness expert and trainer. His zest for fitness began at the age of 12 and since then he has spent much of his life dedicated to helping people reach their spiritual fitness goals across the nation. Tapping into his warm, friendly personality, Emilio is a master of spiritual fitness motivation and possesses a rare combination of spiritual fitness knowledge and inviting communications skills that can help anyone change their perspective on spiritual fitness.

Emilio and I talk about his challenging childhood, the parallels between our personal experiences, and how he went from a community selling drugs to being involved in church. 

Some Questions I Ask 

  • How did you overcome your childhood? (7:00)
  • Can you talk about the beginning of your journey to spiritual fitness? (14:38)
  • If the world were perfect right now, in Emilio’s eyes, what would it look like? (34:40)

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • About Emilio’s challenging upbringing (8:16)
  • How getting involved in the church changed Emilio’s lifestyle (17:40)
  • The three core tenets that Emilio lives by (22:26)
  • Why religious differences should not matter between people (31:34)
  • Emilio’s advice (40:58)

Connect with Emilio 

Let’s Connect!

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